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AUTHOR: Dr. Imran Kamil

Year        : 2019


Cowed in Silence or Political Apathy

"The Harar region that had experienced a tumultuous political upheaval,  colossal social and economical misappropriation,  religious erosion and subjugation for decades, as the political tide changed after the fall of the military rule Harar had to come to terms to embrace a new model of political format and a formation of a regional establishment in accordance to the script of the ruling EPRDF. Thus the establishment of Region 13 the Harar region with its political geographical landmark of (Jegol & Hundanaa) came to being. The inception  of this region was graced by massive euphoria and exaltation from the public at large and gave birth to the formation of a political party in the history of Harari's after along decade that was given the soul mandate to govern and administer the Harar region named and referred as the  Harari National League (HNL) with the hope that it shall deliver and meet the  expectation of the people primarily on:"

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