Values, Norms, & Costumes In Harari Identifications

Author : Ali Naji

Year : 2012

This writing is to explore the Harari traditional associations of prerevolution, to trace the shared notion as the string of fiber and fabrics from past to present, to disclose the strength of the
ingredients embodied and subsequently, unfold the Harari self identifications inherent in the mind setup that distinguishes and identifies Hararis.

The text secondly, intends to have reflection
inculcated in the conscience,from social perspective, furnished and depicted in the historical phenomenon, and so the text endeavors to get across these ideas to the contemporary generation.

Thirdly, I explicitly express my own understanding and feeling, on the above two basis conclusively share with others, and reach the concerned
generation to sustain itsubstantially
Thus,I focus on few important factors, to function and maintain as factors unifying embodied in
Harari social institutions of afochas, bahas,
mugads, as well as the Pan-afocha-firmatch.