Travels to discover the source of the Nile: in the years 1768, 1769, 1770

Author : James Bruce

Year : 1768, 1769, 1770

“FROM Begul the army marched to Waz, thence to Gett, and from Gett to Harla, still laying waste the country. From Harla they marched five days to Delhoya, being determined to make a severe example of this place, because the inhabitants had killed the governor the king had left with them, and, making large sires for the purpose, had burnt and tormented the Christians residing there. He came, therefore, upon this town, and surrounded it in the night; and, after putting men, women, and children to the sword, he razed it to the ground.
FROM Delhoya he proceeded to Degwa, from thence to Wafga, which he treated in the same manner as Delhoya, and t^ien entered the province of Dawaro, where he understood that Hydar, governor of that province, with Sabereddin, and a very valuable convoy coming to him, under their conduct, from Shoa, Were intercepted by Hydar’s people, and their guard cut to pieces. Instead, therefore, of proceeding to Shoa, as his intention was, he encamped at Bahalla, and there kept the feast of Christmas, laying the whole province, by parties, under military execution ; and hearing there that Joseph, governor of Serca, was in understanding with those of Dawaro, he put him in prison, carrying off all his horses, asses, mules, and a prodigious quantity of other cattle, which he drove before him, and ended his expedition by his entry into Shoa…..”