The story of the Chinese Gordon

Author : Alfred Egmont Hake

Year : 1884

“ Harrar dates from the seventh century. It appears that the Ameer Ahmed died very soon after the departure of Burton; that the citizens of Harrar made Khalifa Atra Ameer, but he was deposed after three days’ reign by Mahomet, a native of the Ala tribe. He was the Ameer strangled (by Raouf). Khalifa Atra is still alive, and I hope to see him to-morrow. The Queen-dowager, mother of Ameer Ahmed, paid me a visit this evening. Burton mentions her as Gershi Fatima. She is the grandmother of Yuseuf Ahmed, whom I have made Governor. She is a plucky old lady. I gave her £ 15 backsheesh. There are many here who remember Burton’s visit. … I am living in the palace that Burton was received in; the Ameers lived in a small tower, not twenty feet square, of two stages, and surrounded by their harem. … I have just seen Khalifa Atra, who reigned for a few hours, and I told him it was better to be humble, and not high, than to be proud and elevated, for a fall has always to be feared; if one is near the ground one cannot fall very far…”