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Author : Thomas R. Yager

Year : 2002

Stone, Dimension.—Basalt and scoria were used in road
construction. National Mining Corp. (NMC) (a subsidiary of
Midroc Ethiopia) mined and polished calcitic marble from the
Dalleti area in western Ethiopia. Saba Stones produced calcitic
marble in Tigre. Ethiopian Marble Industry (EMI) mined
marble at Harar in eastern Ethiopia and at various sites in the
western part of the country. EMI processed its raw materials in
Addis Ababa. Deposits of pumice occurred at the Gari Baldi
Pass and at Kimbibit in the Rift Valley; pumice was used in
domestic cement production. NMC produced amphibolite,
granite, and limestone. Ethiopia had a total of at least 34
deposits of dimension stone, with 10 operating quarries, and 4
processing plants (Mengistu and Fentaw, 2000; Mining Journal,