The Extended East Route

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Author : Prof. Marco Vigano

Year : 2009

The Extended East Route An International Symposium on the new cultural, naturalistic tourism route in the Ethiopian East concluded

We Have started work on a new Tourism Route. The long expected alternative to the Great Ethiopian North, designed in.. 1966. A concrete possibility of income for many thousands, of fresh needed foreign earnings for Our Land.

This section covers over 40 pages, list of contents:

– Harar Symposium programme

– Ten points to realize the new Route

– What is the Extended East Route?

– First notes on the Somaliland leg of the Route

– Birdwatching, preliminary scientific enquiries, partecipation to a significant ornitological congress. Proposal to realize a Bird Guide to the Ethiopian East.

– Why the Kundudo is a focal point of the East Tourism Route

– The two most recent discoveries on the Kundudo range

– Notes on the first steps undertaken, about a visit to the Oromia State President

– A visit to the Kundudo, in… 1853

The Harar Symposium

What we did: September 25, early morning. Departure from Addis Ababa. Lunch in Nazaret, brief visits along the way, like at the Giulietti pass Caldera, lake Beseka, along the Amhar mountain chain. Night in Harar. Guests of the local Cultural and Tourism Office, for some experts, at the Home of Dr. Nasib, an Harari personality.