The Culub Movement 3 of III

Author : Mohammed Ismaeel

Year : 1997

Haile Sellasie took a short cut in imprisoning Hararis on
one hand and on the other he played the pseudo- fatherly role
to gain a good reputation as being a compassionate king. He
comes to know that the delegates were out abroad, in foreign
country publicizing their sufferings and humiliation resulting
from their subjugation to the world. The savage Sellasie
imprisoned Hararis without any pity. His brutality had no
parallel in the history of colonialism except that of South
Africa. My ustaad seemed that he was not bothered a bit
by such a brutal inhuman treatment of Hararis. I think this
is due to he pre-set his mind on the conspiracy business for
the distraction of the school and the association. He does
not seem to understand that it is a gross violation of human
rights and it is a crime against humanity to jail people in concentration
comps. Above and over, the plunder and confiscation
exercised by the Ethiopian police and the governor’s
office had no effect on my ustaad’s thinking. It is equally
strange; when our ustaad thinks that the Hararis deserved
such a brutal treatment because they did not listen to his advise
when he told them not to join the Culub. What Haile
had inflicted against Hararis were unspeakable atrocities, but
almighty Allah made him taste his bad deeds and revenged
for the poor.
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