The Culub Movement 2 of III

Author : Mohmmaed Ismaeel

Year : 1997

Amir (prince) Shakib Arsalan, seventy years
ago, wrote in his book, Hadir Al Alam Al Islamy, about the
conditions of Ethiopian Muslims, where he described their
conditions as miserable, humiliated, wretchedness weakness
etc. in which they continue to leave to this day. Now I say,
“it is appropriate time to re-compensate for their deprivation
and alienation, destruction of their entities, for the distortion
of their histories and enslavement inflicted upon them by
the defunct regimes”. As we all know, Muslims in Ethiopia
were always in majority but, in the contrary to that, the successive
regimes insisted and they always were treated them
as minority. These successive regimes constantly employed
the satanic devices, which were planned by the colonialists’
centuries ago, to sustain the grips of the Christian domination
in Ethiopian empire which was found by Minilik. His
regime isolated, segregated, and fragmented the Muslims.
He deprived them their pride; their religion, their culture and
he prohibited them to use their own language in their public
and social affairs in their own country. Not only these, his
regime imposed strange restrictions on the existing school
system and imposed a heavy taxation in the event of a new
private Islamic schools is opened, in…