Somal and Gala Land

Author : E.G. Ravenstein

Year : 1884

In Northern Somal Land, Lieut. Cruttenden is entitled to the
credit of having first penetrated into the interior of the country,for Mr.
R. Stuart,whom Salt despatched to Zeyla with instructiont so proceed to
Harar, rt ever left the coast; whilst Lieut. Barker, who endeavoured
to reach that point from Shoa in 1842, failed in his e:aterprise. Mr.
Cruttenden looked down  from the sutnmit of the Airansidu pon the broad
vale of the Tok :Daroro, r " river of mist " (1848). Captain Speke
e:xtended these explorationss is years afterwards;a nd CaptainB urton,
in 185S,achieved one of those triumphs which it is given to few travellers
to achieve. :He reached Harar, the old capital of Adea, the first
European xvho did so, although that town lies within a few marches
from the coast, and was known by report to the old Portuguese.