Reviewed Work(s): Afocha: A Link between Community and Administration in Harar, Ethiopia by Peter Koehn and Sidney R. Waldron-Maxwell

Review by: Mohamed Hassen

Northeast African Studies, 4, 1 (1982): 65-67 REVIEW OF Peter Koehn and Sidney R. Waldron-Maxwell , Afooha : A Link between Community and Administration in Harar 3 Ethiopia. Syracuse, New York: School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University. Pp. 120, 6 maps. Mohamed Hassen School of Oriental and African Studies University of London

Harar, the present provincial capital of Hararghe administrative region, used to be a unique center in North East Africa. Before the Addis Abeba- Djibouti railway road by-passed the city and made the old caravan route obsolete at the beginning of this century (thus undermining the mercantile economy of the city), Harar was a major commercial entrepot whose fame spread far and wide and led to prosperity for its citizens. Located 175 miles southwest of the port of Zeila and 219 miles from the port of Berbera, Harar was the center at which a number of major and minor caravan routes met. Along the caravan routes that linked ports of the northern Somali coast with Southern Ethiopia there were a number of commercial centers (settlements). Today there are no less than twenty-one ruined commercial settlements between Zeila and Harar. Some still dot the Ogaden region, while others are found in the region between Harar and Bale.