Press Release – ESAT’s Prejudice

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Press Release

ESAT’s Prejudice

August 17, 2018


The Global Harari Unity Advocacy Council believes that democracy exists only with a free and unfettered press.

The Council does not agree with a press that disseminates false and unfounded information that could have the potential to ignite violence, as we repeatedly witnessed a broadcast through the so-called ESAT television network that has declared open war on the legitimacy of the Harari State.

Though this outlet is known to be an equivalent of the old Pravda propaganda machine of the Soviet era, it has to be identified for what it stands for- to promote the supremacy of Amhara culture and tradition over every region that has been annexed through the territorial aggrandizement policy of their emperors.

ESAT, certainly represents the worst in media practice, having justified its hidden agenda that stands on the way of the peaceful coexistence of peoples by broadcasting unfounded and often out of sync information... Read more