Author : Alfred Cropp

Year : 1990

Language : Dutch

Contributor ; AS

Abstract : From Google Translator

The Mäläsay must, at least according to the testimony of modern historians, have a
have been a capable group. J. Doresse (1971: 205) counts the troops of the Gran
and calls them: les Malasay, musulmans convertis de tout leur coeur à la défense de leur
foi et conduits par l'Imam (Gran). A little later (Doresse 1971: 209) they stand next to one another
irregular religious fighters (gazú) as "absolument des soldat musulmans – les Malasay"
Around 1570 AD. it is then "chefs des malasay, troupes régulières musulmanes, fidèles à
l'Ethiopia, "which the Emir of Harar has destroyed and with it an offensive on the part
Särsä-Dengels (Doresse 1971: 231). R. Ferry (1962: 30) describes the mäläsay as
one of the peoples in Gran's army, which of course is difficult to match with today's ethnic groups.
to conclude: "gens analogues aux Somalis, mais plus intéressés à la guerre sainte." These
Interpretations of the term mäläsay refer to its use in Arabic history
about the first conquests of the Gran of 'Abdal-Qadir' Arabfaqih and its mention in
two Ethiopian chronicles – in the so-called "Short Chronicle" and the Chronicle of the
Särsä-Dengel – back. R. Basset (1897: 84 n.4) in his French adaptation of
'Arabfaqih tried an etymological interpretation. Starting from an Amharic
Verb mälläsä with the special meaning "convert" or a Tigrinya verb mäläsä "to-
return "one could perhaps explain the name; he suspects that it is
"Converts," notes that the common word in Ge'ez for Muslims is tänbälat (cf.
Dillmann, 1865: 562) is and refers to Portugal cited by Pereira (1887: 799 η. 17)
Giesian reports from the 16th century, where this name is freely associated with the Amalekites
is adorned. In his adaptation of the
"Short Chronicle", in which the word mäläsay also appears in the report on the Gran Wars.
, Basset (1883) abstained from any comment. F. Béguinot (1901: 18 η.
6) adopts Basset's conjecture in his Italian revision of the “Short
Chronicle "and adds the note that the mäläsay….