Author : Paola Pastacaldi

Year : 1999

Italian to English translation from Google
khadija Paola Pastacaldi
Pequod publisher, 250 pages
The historical image of the novel
The story of “Khadija” was built on the historical sources of the late nineteenth century,
as well as diaries and articles, including photos of the scouts.
The following photos are a sort of imaginary path in
the novel and they see the city and the people of Harar
(Archives of the Geographical Society of Rome and the Museum of Harar).
Color photos are rather see Harar in recent times (of Paola Pastacaldi).
The captions are taken from the novel.
The two photos of Pavia explorer Luigi Robecchi Brichetti are taken from the book of John Zaffignani,
“Luigi Robecchi briquettes Pavia traveler in Africa and in spite of a secret agent,” Economic Pavia, 1990.
The photo is taken from the Negus: Angelo del Boca, The Negus, life and death of the King of Kings, Laterza, 1995.

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