Islam of Yesterday and of Today

Author : Cerulli

Translation : Emran M. Waber

Year :2013

Contributor : Jemal Ali

This historical book, entitled “L’ISLAM DI IERI E DI OGGI”,
was actually translated into English in 1992.
It is necessarily polyglot volume that needed a herculean effort to
maintain its spirit.
Though no professional translator is permitted to alter the gist of
the original text, some isolated words, phrases or entire sections, had to be
cut out due to social, religious sensitivity or transgression of faith.
The entire last part of the book, as well, has been left out due to
lack of coherence to our subject `matter.
The original Italian title of this book itself “Islam of Yesterday
and of Today”, is a misnomer per se. I dare say this because Islam, as a
dogma and an absolute guide for man, was, is and will remain the same,
Therefore, the English title of this book has necessarily been
found to be fitter.
I am certain that this erudite Italian, Cerulli, would have given
me a nudge and blessed this infringement. This highly illuminated scholar
enjoys the gratitude of the Harari ethnic group of Ethiopia.
Emran M. Waber