Hyenas like Us: Social Relations with an Urban Carnivore in Harar, Ethiopia

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Author : Marcus Baynes-Rock

Year : 2012

This thesis is an exploration of the ongoing, dynamic processes which shaped hyena and
human relations in a Muslim town in Ethiopia. These processes had their roots in world
prehistory; in millions of years of coexistence which is evidenced by the fossilised
remains of human and hyena ancestors. Whereas hyenas recently disappeared from
much of their former range, they persisted in eastern Ethiopia and figure prominently in
the oral traditions and historical accounts of the walled city of Harar. At the time of
writing, the hyenas of Harar combined with hyena feeders and tourists in processes in
which two hyena feeding places were evolving along different lines.

NOTE, The Illustrations are not available in this document. (EverythingHarar)