Harar-Wallo Relations Revisited

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Author : Hussein Ahmed

Year : 2010

Department of History and Heritage Management, Addis Ababa University


Since at least the sixteenth century, the areas of the present day regions of Harar and Wallo have been important centres of teaching and diffusion of Islam as well as of preservation of Islamic culture and education. Preachers and scholars from these areas played a decisive role in the introduction and dissemination of the faith in the country, especially in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. They contributed to the further development and consolidation of both Islamic institutions and law, and mysticism as manifested in the propagation of the religious orders, veneration of saints, and visits to shines. They also actively promoted and sustained a tradition of Islamic reform and renewal. Overcoming their geographical distance,the two regions maintained close contacts through the Islamic school system, movement of teachers, students and instructional materials, and exchange of goods and services.

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