Harar Gey , Ethnographic Tales Of The Mystic City

Author : Afendi Muteqi

the City of Harar and the Harari People

The book Not yet published, pp.322

Name of the Book: Harar Gey: Ethnographic Tales of the
Mystic City
Author: Afendi Muteki
The Place and People in Focus: The Historical City of Harar and the
Harari People
Subjects: – Ethnography, along with History,
Sociology, Linguistics, Art, and
Heritage Management
Genre of the Book: Non- Fiction
Writing Style: Descriptive Story Telling (in the
Author’s own Style)
Language: Amharic (It could be translated in
Other Languages in the future)
Total Tales/ Chapters 19 (Excluding the Opening Poem, The
Memorial Section, the Beginning Tale, the
Reading Rules of the Book and a
Compressive Appendix)
Contents: – The Naming of the City (Harar),
– The Basics of Harari Ethnography
– The Harari Social Institutions
– Extensive Discussion on Gey Sinan
(The Harari Language)
– Gey Jugal (The Wall of the City), its
Foundation, Features, and Contents
– Harar Gey Bariyach (An Historical/
Anthropo-linguistic Survey of the Five
Gates of the City of Harar)
Data Sources: Author’s Ethnographic Research in the
City of Harar and Other Places in Eastern

Few words about the Author
– He was born on April 10/1978 in Gelemso town of Western Harerghe, East Ethiopia
– Wrote many articles since his early ages
– Wrote some widely read ethnographic essays about Harar, the Harari People and the Oromo of Harerghe on highly circulating Amharic newspaper called “Addis Admass”
– Author of Gelemso on Wikipedia (www.wikipedia.org)
– Etc…