Grammatical Outline and Vocabulary of The Harari Language

Author : Richard Francis Burton, John Hanning Speke, William C. Barker

Year : 1894

THE people of Harnr ignore the origin of their language. It probably dates from our mediaeval times,when the Hadiyah Empire flourished upon the ruins of theChristian states. In the present day it is absolutely con-fined within the walls of the city, which is surrounded onall sides by Gallas. Through the medium of Harari the
Arabic language and the religious sciences are explained to the inhabitants: almost all the women and not a few of the citizens can speak no other tongue. The numerous Some who visit and temporarily settle at Harar usually learn some sentences. But few penetrate deep into the language: at this moment, in Aden, amongst about 2000, one only is found capable of revising the vocabulary.