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“EverythingHarar.com" is designed to collect, classify, and dissiminate Harari information to the user. Harari materials are not easily available to individuals for reference, research or study in a particular location. Books, articles, artifacts, and other forms of information materials are not currently housed in an information center that could be accessed on-line or by physical presence. In this background, the idea of creating this Automated Information Center/Website “EverythingHarar.com” emerged.

EverythingHarar.com  is developed to reflect the works of Hararies and Non-Hararies regarding Harar. It also caters for long forgotten but important cultural Audio  and Video recordings. Moreover, The input of relevant data by users into the different categories – including the participation of Harari business owners, government organizations, and NGOs serving Hararies- is of paramount importance to enrich the web site. We encourage Hararies to upload meaningful data and assist us in achieving the desired objective.