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Author : Haravard University

Year : 1994

The DSA Project is providing technical assistance to the Government of
Ethiopia’s Civil Service Reform in the areas of budget, accounts and
expenditure planning. The DSA Project is implemented by Harvard
University and funded by USAID, Ireland Aid and the Netherlands
Ministry for Development Corporation.

Project at the Federal Government and in the Tigray, SNNP, Oromia,
Amhara and Beneshangul/Gumuz regions. The Accounts Reform has so
far been implemented with the support of the DSA Project at the Federal
Government and in the Tigray, SNNP and Amhara regions.
The DSA Project was extended from July 1 2004 to November 30,2006 to
ensure that the above reforms are extended to all regions and
administrative areas of Ethiopia. A part of the work plan agreed with the
Ministry of Finance and Economic Development envisages that the budget
and the accounts reforms are introduced in Hararri Region in FY 1998-99.
To achieve this goal, the reform activities should commence in FY 1997-98.
The DSA Project conducted an assessment of the Region in September
2004 with the following objectives:
• To obtain a full understanding of the Region in areas such as
restructuring, status of the budget reform, status of accounts closure,
and its impact on the Budget and Accounts Reform.
• To identify whether adequate technical staff capacity exists to
effectively implement the reforms.
• To identify other constraints that may negatively impact the
introduction of Accounts Reform in the Region.
• To develop a joint action plan and strategy to strengthen the Budget
Reform and implement the Accounts Reform.