Assessment of Traditional Medicine Utilization in Harar Town, Eastern Ethiopia

Author : Negussie F. Bussa1 , Adugna S. Gemeda2 

Year : 2018

Abstract : Traditional medicine (TM) has been part of man’s survival for long time. Harar is an ancient trade route and has a close proximity to the red sea. The use of TM is common and the majority of its habitants use TM. This study was conducted to assess why Harar households continued to prefer and depend on the utilization of TM as part of their healthcare system. Community based cross sectional study was conducted to select head of 423 households. Data was collected using face to face interview with a semi structured questionnaires and descriptive statistics including mean, standard deviations, frequencies and percentages were performed to examine the outcomes and associated factors. The result shown that 60.50% of the households preferred to use TM as their primary health care services and used TM for curative of ailments because TM had minimal side effects compared to modern medications. Socio demographic factors had no significant association to TM use; however, other associated factors had strong association with TM use. Personal experience such as minimal side effect of TM, attitudes towards TM use such as cost effectiveness, effective for specific diseases and quality service such as ready availability of TM had strong association to TM utilization. It was concluded that TM is still continued to play a significant role in healthcare of many households of Harar town because TM is dependable, affordable, safe and cost effective.

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