Archaeological Survey and Test Excavations, Harari Regional State, Ethiopia,

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A Preliminary Fieldwork Report
 Author : Timothy Insoll (1), Habtamu Tesfaye (2),
and Malik Saako Mahmoud (3).
Year : July-August 2014.
In July-August 2014 surveys and test excavations
were completed in Harari Regional State in
eastern Ethiopia. The primary aim of the fieldwork
was to begin to reconstruct a chronology and ceramics
typology for the city of Harar and outlying
settlements such as Ganda Harla and Koromi (cf.
Insoll 2003: 78). A secondary aim was to start to assess
the myths and legends linked with some settlements
and populations in the region – be it Arab
origins for the Argobba (cf. Asfaw 2000: 174-175),
or great physical stature for the Harla (cf. Chekroun
et al. 2011: 79; Joussaume 1976: 32)….