Annual Report

Author : Annual Report

Year : 2009

Climate Change awareness raising workshops were conducted in two branches (Wolaita and
Harar) for school teachers. The workshops conducted in the last quarter of 2008, gave them
a basic understanding of climate change, its causes and effects, and appropriate ways to
reduce the impact of disasters resulting from climate change. In total, 200 teachers took part
in the awareness raising workshops, most of who were already involved in the Red Cross

movement through running HIV and AIDS or environmental protection clubs in their schools.

• In order to enhance the ERCS’s ability to respond to emergencies, contingency stocks were
built up in several locations across the country. Three branches were selected for prepositioning
of non-food relief items – Harar for Eastern Ethiopia, Addis Zemen for Northern
Ethiopia and Wolaita branch for the south. It was not possible to conduct a warehouse
survey before selecting these locations, but in the west a warehouse survey was carried out
in several branches at the end of December 2008.