An assessment of the effectiveness of the upgrading and revitalization

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Author : Abdulwasi Salih

Year : 2009

The theses dissertation reports are dedicated in assessment of the effectiveness of the upgrading and revitalization intervention strategies in Harar city, which include, The Cultural Gentrification Approach in JAWCH, implementation of the Integrated Housing Development Program of the Federal Democratic Republic Of Ethiopia in Harar City, the contribution of the Redevelopment Of Private Investor Developers and Analysis Of The Housing Policy of the Harari National Regional State towards development of New In‐Situ Model of upgrading and revitalization strategies, to reduce slums, to combat slum formations and to alleviate worsening situations of slums and squatter settlements through housing condition improvements, specifically, and improvement of the site conditions, in general.
Three areas are selected to conduct the whole dissertations, case study area one is the Jugel Ancient Walled City of Harar (JAWCH), from which demonstration of the effectiveness of the cultural gentrification approach in the locale is presented. Case study area two and three are outside the JAWCH from which the rest of the work, that are, in assessment of the effectiveness of the IHDP of the FDRE in Harar city; and redevelopment of the slum sites by private investors towards their contribution for housing improvements of the slum house holds, as well as for alleviation of increasing demand of housing as a result of urbanization, emigration and population growth in Harar city.
Generally, the theses dissertations argue and evidence that all the above stated strategic approaches have their own contribution in reduction of the slum conditions. However, it is identified that they are not that much in prevention of new slum formation, which is a part of Millennium Development Goal 7, target 11 cities with out slum objective of UN‐Habitat, 2000.
Contributer; Abdulaziz Adem