Who we are

In recognizing the importance of information usage, collection, dissemination, and archiving in a computerized system, we, Harari individuals from the Diaspora, and homeland worked day and night to achieve the intended goal. This team has carried out a number of activities ranging from data collection, classification of available on-line and off-line publications as well as development of the website. A lot of effort, time and capital was spent by this team to obtain maximum positive output. It goes without saying that, all the copyright of the content in the website is owned by their respective authors.

Currently, the project is entering it’s second phase whereby the digitization of publications – from consenting Harari authors/publishers- has commenced. In this phase the unstinted participation of Harari individuals is required.

As Professsor Abdi-Khalil Edriss has clearly stated:
“It is awakening in the inner depth of the heart that awakens the realms of appreciation of own strength and values. Both the ignorance of own cultural values and the veneer of modern cultural civilization enslave the mind. Do not be your own cultural destruction guide”

Therefore, we urge all Hararis to help us in fulfilling this dream of reversing the tide of losing our cultural assets, publications, manuscripts, cultural songs and other artifacts.

Project Core Team Members:
Abdurahman Abdulkadir Ahmed, Maryland, USA
Mohammed Abdulkadir Ahmed, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Semira Abdurahman Sherif, Toronto, Canada

September 2010.

Everything Harar

“EverythingHarar.com” is designed to collect, classify, and dissiminate Harari information to the user. Harari materials are not easily available to individuals for reference, research or study in a particular location. Books, articles, artifacts, and other forms of information materials are not currently housed in an information center that could be accessed on-line or by physical presence. In this background, the idea of creating this Automated Information Center/Website “EverythingHarar.com” emerged.

EverythingHarar.com  is developed to reflect the works of Hararies and Non-Hararies regarding Harar. It also caters for long forgotten but important cultural Audio  and Video recordings. Moreover, The input of relevant data by users into the different categories – including the participation of Harari business owners, government organizations, and NGOs serving Hararies- is of paramount importance to enrich the web site. We encourage Hararies to upload meaningful data and assist us in achieving the desired objective.