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Author: Dr. Imran Kamil

Year        : November, 2019


Habetamu Ayalew's Misappropriated Journalism of(Hear it all from me, Takeit from me &Believein me, I know it all!)and His Repulsive perception on Harar

" In a sound journalistic platform, a responsible media strives to impart and deliver a discourse on a subject matter responsibly enough having correct background information be it on verbatim, recorded archived history or self physical observations without favour and bias. It is hoped that Ethio360media does endeavour to uphold journalistic etiquette and dictum of do not cause harm and do not infringe on the rights of others nor be the vessel for disharmony, disgruntlement and misgivings rather strives to maintain the highest standard of neutrality.

Nevertheless while acknowledging the right of freedom of expression which is as well premised within a context of responsibility in imparting informations in its actuality and truthfulness, Having heard Habetamu Ayalew's narration such unwarranted vilification on the people of Harar and selectively on Abdella Sherif shouldn't be ignored as it is inflammatory, prejudicial, bias, defamatory and demeaning having an ulterior motive to garner political expediency and malicious intent."  Click to read more