A fantastic Karst cave field

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Author : Prof. Marco Vigano

Year : 2008/9

A fantastic Karst cave field THIS SITE SECTION CONTAINS TEN NOTES ON EXPLORATIONS I RECENTLY LED. If you reached us via a search engine, please scroll to the section of your interest.

About a year ago, after the rediscovery of a feral horse pack on the flat top of Mount Kundudo, I tried understanding its geology by visiting its lower parts too. The top is a stunning humid area, with grasses and a few remnant shrubs, it hosts a variety of wildlife including many couples of Lammergeier, the rare bird of prey, mustelids and baboons. Rocks up there are all very acidic, splitting black basalts, that form a cave just under the top. From the cave flows the Immis stream, that immediately forms a spectacular 250m waterfalls with four jumps. Just under, the rocks turn suddendly from black to white. It is clear the 400m of basalts had protected the underlying mass of limes, letting the Kundudo stand prominently at nearly 3000m, dominating the whole area and giving us views over Harar and as far as Hargeisa in Somalia. Springs and streams flow from all around its base, giving the Gursum province a fame for the production of all sort of horticultural goods, lately, of chat for export