Author : Hanna Arayaselassie

Year : 2012

A committed activist for women’s rights, cultural rights and for human rights, freedom and equality; one of the first women to be elected to the Harari Regional Council, where she served for two terms; President of Harari Region for just under a month, the first (and so far only) woman to be elected President of a Region; founded the Harari Women’s Association- the first women’s association in the country; helped set up Ada’a House- a museum working to preserve and promote Harari culture



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Continent  : Africa
Country    : Ethiopia
Region     : Harari
City.        : Harar
Latititude : 42.1227° E
Longitude: 93.126° N
Elevation : 1901. 94 m
                 6239.96 '
Climate  :  Subtropical

Harari House


Bulletine Board


1) Brunch for the Washington DC Vicinity Harari Community :

     March 26, 10:00 Am - 2 Pm

     Harari Cousin : Faxeera ,

     Harees, and more

     6120 Manchester Lakes Drive

     Alexandia, VA 22310


2) Harari Communities In Toronto Are Invited To attend Member's meeting on March 11 at Harari Heritage Center.

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