Author : League Of Nations

Year ; 1935

In 1935 Hile Silase requested League of Nations Based (the UN of that time) assistance against Italian invasion of Ethiopia. The League of Nations declined Haile Selase’s request and handed him the attached document that has detailed record of Ethiopians human right violation. The document narrates how Abyssinia transformed into Ethiopia through invasion of independent States in South and Emirate of Harar. The document gives detail account about Ethiopias rulers involvement in slave trade, massacar of many nations and nationalities, land grab and exploiting farmers. Most of all, the document presents empirical evidence of physical boundaries and boarders of each independent State before Minilik’s invasion and territorial expansion. To give better understanding for those who are not familiar with the names of the Rivers, Mountains, and Valleys mentioned as border demarcation in the document, I incorporated a map drawn by Italian scholars based on the description given in the document.

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Continent  : Africa
Country    : Ethiopia
Region     : Harari
City.        : Harar
Latititude : 42.1227° E
Longitude: 93.126° N
Elevation : 1901. 94 m
                 6239.96 '
Climate  :  Subtropical

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