Author : Lord Edward Gleichen

Year : 1897



The site we had selected for our camp was a broad, hard grass terrace overlooking the valley, surrounded by coffee-plantations, and rising at the back to a sandstone plateau on which many villages were built. All day long the road past the camp was alive with villagers bringing their goods to market from the fertile district which lies all around. The town itself of Harrar was just out of sight behind a rise, only the minarets of the old mosques being visible, but the view extended for miles and miles over the near ofrcen hills to the chains of blue mountains which filled up the background. On our right was the Jebel Hakem overlooking the town, with a little white cluster of tents, representing the Italian Red Cross Mission, on the site of the late Italian Consul's (Signor Pietro Felter) gardens; whilst far away on left, towards the east, was the lofty table-mountain of Kondura, or Kondudo, where Ras Makunnen has his summer residence.



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Continent  : Africa
Country    : Ethiopia
Region     : Harari
City.        : Harar
Latititude : 42.1227° E
Longitude: 93.126° N
Elevation : 1901. 94 m
                 6239.96 '
Climate  :  Subtropical

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1) Brunch for the Washington DC Vicinity Harari Community :

     March 26, 10:00 Am - 2 Pm

     Harari Cousin : Faxeera ,

     Harees, and more

     6120 Manchester Lakes Drive

     Alexandia, VA 22310


2) Harari Communities In Toronto Are Invited To attend Member's meeting on March 11 at Harari Heritage Center.

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