In recognizing the importance of information usage, collection, dissemination, and archiving in a computerized system, we, Harari individuals from the Diaspora, and homeland worked day and night to achieve the intended goal. This team has carried out a number of activities ranging from data collection, classification of available on-line and off-line publications as well as development of the website. A lot of effort, time and capital was spent by this team to obtain maximum positive output.  It goes without saying that, all the copyright of the content in the website is owned by their respective authors.

Currently, the project is entering it’s second phase whereby the digitization of publications - from consenting Harari authors/publishers- has commenced. In this phase the unstinted participation of Harari individuals is required.

 As Professsor Abdi-Khalil Edriss has  clearly stated:
“It is awakening in the inner depth of the heart that awakens the realms of appreciation of own strength and values. Both the ignorance of own cultural values and the veneer of modern cultural civilization enslave the mind. Do not be your own cultural   destruction guide”

Therefore, we urge all Hararis to help us in fulfilling this dream of reversing the tide of losing our cultural assets, publications, manuscripts, cultural songs and other artifacts.

Project Core Team Members:
Abdurahman Abdulkadir Ahmed, Maryland, USA
Mohammed Abdulkadir Ahmed, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Semira Abdurahman Sherif, Toronto, Canada

September 2010.


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Continent  : Africa
Country    : Ethiopia
Region     : Harari
City.        : Harar
Latititude : 42.1227° E
Longitude: 93.126° N
Elevation : 1901. 94 m
                 6239.96 '
Climate  :  Subtropical

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1) Brunch for the Washington DC Vicinity Harari Community :

     March 26, 10:00 Am - 2 Pm

     Harari Cousin : Faxeera ,

     Harees, and more

     6120 Manchester Lakes Drive

     Alexandia, VA 22310


2) Harari Communities In Toronto Are Invited To attend Member's meeting on March 11 at Harari Heritage Center.

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